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And Now a Brief Review of a Pen – The TWSBI Precision Fountain Pen

I am not a pen reviewer by any means.  Just look at the fact that this post is in a blog about electric cars and flying.  In fact I’m barely a collector, having only started within the past year.  My personal interest generally finds me focused on demonstrator fountain pens, as I love seeing how things work and really appreciate this aspect of these clear pens.  As a result, my current collection (with the exception of an Esso Puima and a single Retro51) consists of a couple of TWSBIs and a Pilot, all demonstrators and all piston fillers.

I have had great luck with the TWSBIs and really love how they feel to write with as well as how they actually put ink on paper.  So even though I love demonstrators, when any kind of new TWSBI comes out, it gets my attention.  And so it was with the new TWSBI Precision fountain pen, announced recently.

Another aspect of my pen collection is that I like to have one or two that I can throw in my pocket without fear of damaging the surface, rubbing against whatever I might also have in the pocket at the time.  My definition of a “daily carry” if you will.  My assumption is that acrylic pens rubbing against coins in my pocket will not have a pleasant result.

So as I looked at the Precision online, it looked like a TWSBI that would accomplish my daily carry needs.  While not a demonstrator the design looked unique and rugged in a kind of machine shop, hi tech way and somehow spoke to me.

And so I ordered one.

When it arrived I was excited and not disappointed.  🙂  Although this aluminum pen is certainly not a demonstrator (there is a small clear ink window which adds a nice design touch when uncapped) I really like the overall esthetic.  This design is not for everyone.  But if you like something that’s a little edgy and fresh, even if derived from other hexagonal pens/pencils in the market, I think this is worth a look and test if you can.

Many people who have only viewed the pen online are commenting about the large step-down.  I agree, it looks extreme and for some it might be.  I can tell you that for me this part of the design is very comfortable.  I have large hands which might account for some of that, but so far I can say I really enjoy writing with it.  I like the weight, which is noticeable but not as heavy as some mental pens I have held.  I have not spent time writing at length with any metal pen, but for me this one feels to be the right weight for the design.

So far I have always been very happy with the TWSBI nibs as delivered.  Of course I’m a newbie and as I know more I might change my tune, but this one is no different.  I like it a lot.  Out of the box with some Iroshizuku Ama-Iro loaded up, it’s a joy to write with.  The fill process remained me of other pistons, the first time through it didn’t load much (window was still clear although it did write).  But I chalked that up to user error and eventually on the second fill I saw the nice sky-blue color I was looking for in the window.

The posting process works well.  Not everyone likes this, but there are two O-rings which create a force fit with the cap.  This approach works well in that you can position the clip away from your hand when you post.  Other pens I have with threaded posting sometimes end up with the clip against the hand when tight, which requires a loosening when writing.  I like the way the Precision handles this posting.  It works well for me.

I agree with some that a more vibrant color selection would have been nice, but somehow the brushed metal surface and metal color work well, especially in contrast with the stainless trim.  And with the aluminum body, this is a pen I can throw in my pocket without worry and enjoy using frequently as a result.  It helps that it also writes so smoothly.  I’m looking forward to other more experienced reviewers to weight in on the TWSBI Precision fountain pen, but I really love it.


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