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Flying to the Vineyard – In the Spring of 2013, I got the chance to fly with my friend Andrew Blanchard. He was a student at Purdue University and at the time was well on his way to his instrument rating and was home for the summer. We decided to take a quick trip to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch and I particularly like that trip because it’s beautiful and it’s just enough miles to qualify as a cross-country. We also agreed to share cockpit duties, with Andrew handling the radios and some G1000 functionality. He has a lot more experience than I do, so it was a chance to learn from him. As you’ll hear in his radio-work, he’s very comfortable with it and I enjoying listening to his calls.

172 Check-out – I recently got back to the 172 at Norwood and did a check-out ride with a great CFI, Kevin Baird of East Coast Aero Club. This is the first of several videos I will edit from that flight. After heading out to the practice area to do a quick stall, and a practice engine out, we headed back to Norwood to so some pattern work. This video is the return from the west to an approach and landing on Runway 35 at Norwood. You’ll hear a little runway confusion from the Tower, which I initially attribute to my own incorrect hearing, but which turned out to be a mis-speak from the controller. Not a big deal, but worth noting. Then with a little verbal assistance from Kevin, I made a pretty nice landing after quite a few months away. You’ll hear me asking a lot of questions and trying to review my understanding of a few things while flying with a CFI, treating this as a great learning experience. I would recommend this to everyone and especially if you’ve been away for a while. It was fun and I learned a lot as you will see in this and future videos from this flight. There are only two cameras in slightly different positions than my usual, but I like the way the forward facing camera came out. I wanted to minimize my set-up so that I wouldn’t waste a lot of my CFI’s time, and it’s hard to get a good center shot from the rear when there are two people in the front seats… the seat belt configuration in the 172 is challenging for videography. So because of that, a little less camera variety this time, but still an interesting video for both experienced and pilots in training. Enjoy.

Here is another in a series of videos from a flight I got to take with my friend Paul in his Bird Dog last summer.  This is the landing at Cranland (28M), a small field just north of KPYM in Massachusetts.


This is a pattern video of me flying the Cirrus SR20, 168SR at Norwood, my home airport. I hadn’t flown her in a few months so this was intended to be a day of practice and currency.

This video is of my landing at Plymouth, Ma (KPYM) for a meet-up with Andrew Blanchard ( and his father. As a student pilot, this was Andrew’s first solo flight to another airport and so we had agreed to meet for breakfast.


This is another video of Cessna pattern practice but with some interesting additional content.


This video uses a new editing approach and should be fun for those of you learning to fly or wondering what a glass panel PFD (primary flight display) looks like during flight.


This video shows the approach and landing at Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield/Springfield, MA. This was the second time I’ve flown to Barnes and the first time in the SR20.


This video is the IFR departure from Oshkosh 2010 in a Trinidad TB20, made by PIC John Wellington on Saturday, July 31, 2010. It’s important to note that there was a problem recording the audio and so the communications in this video are very weak.


After taking some time off to go to Oshkosh 2010, this was my first flight back. I decided that since I had been away from the plane for more than two weeks, I should focus on some pattern work.


This video is the instrument approach and landing at Oshkosh Airventure 2010 (Wittman Regional, Runway 27) made by John Wellington PIC with Rick Felty in right seat in a Trinidad TB 20.

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