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Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.08.48 PMRick Felty

This web site and blog are an effort to bring observations and things I love together in one space.

It will always be a work in progress.  I expect to write about creativity, electric cars, fountain pens, aviation and post photography galleries as I get the files prepared.

Beginning as a kid, playing with my father’s early mainframe flight simulator, I’ve always loved things that fly.  However only later in life did I find the  space in my life to learn how, getting my single-engine land PPL in the summer of 2009.

Since I’m a high tech geek, it’s no coincidence that I got there with some of the latest aviation technology, passing my check-ride in a G1000 Cessna 172, after doing most of my primary training in a Cirrus SR20.

As a marketing/advertising executive and writer/producer I’m an avid photographer and videographer, and love turning those lifelong skills loose on my new flying avocation.

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I’m probably not totally alone when I say that I got into flying because of the amazing visuals.  My images can be found here at my blog and my flying videos at  I can also be reached on Twitter @rfelty.

I balance my time between work, aviation and my amazing supportive family.

For now I can tell you that I seem at times to be a writer, video producer, pilot, photographer, illustrator, musician, animal lover, husband and dad.

But not in that order.

 – Rick

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