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Whale Watching at Central Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

DSC_3954On Sunday, July 8th we were fortunate enough to have a beautiful day for our Boston Harbor Cruise Whale Watch trip out to Stellwagen Bank in the North Atlantic.  These folks really have a strong knowledge of both the area and the wild life.  Almost immediately on site we began to see a pair of  hump backed whales surfacing around us.  The mother named Dross and her unnamed calf were feeding and playing near our boat.  All of these pictures I took, above and in the first set below, are of the calf, since Dross stayed a little further out and was not as playful above water.  But you can tell the difference in the two by the markings on the underside of the tail.  I’ve borrowed two pictures of Dross from the Boston Harbor Cruise site and placed them at the bottom of this post as a comparison.  Click on a picture in the gallery below to enlarge.








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